Car Dealership SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic through the organic search results on search engines. The process involves content generation, keyword analysis, link building, and more. SEO campaigns are comprehensive and time consuming but yield great long-term return on investment for targeted digital advertising. SEO may be a good approach for larger independent or franchise stores.

SEO is broken down into a few primary categories: on page optimization and off page optimization.On page optimization involves content generation that is geared toward your readers. Content should have relevancy, detail, and target keywords that are good potential avenues for outreach. Having reviews on your website such as information and breakdowns of certain vehicles are examples of on page optimization.

There is a certain flow to on page optimization that consists of meta titles, link structure, descriptions, headers, and funnel all the way down to keyword density in the body of your articles. Format is important for on page optimization but so is relevancy and original content. Search engines crawl your site and look at a variety of factors from relevancy all the way to user feedback. Search engines will analyze how long readers stay on your page which is called the “bounce rate.” This example of user feedback is examined by search engines because it shows how visitors respond to your website. Better user feedback usually suggests relevant content that is both engaging and valuable to visitors.

Off page optimization is made up of link profiles that dictate authority. Sites with higher authority have links from relevant websites that serve as a type of vote for website credibility. Domain and page authority is a way of measuring a website’s authority by using a logarithmic scale from 1-100 that shows the strength of a website. Higher-ranking websites have more links from more high quality websites. This popularity contest makes up off page optimization.

 Sound SEO campaigns involve a combination of both on page and off page work. Check out websites such as Full Spread Consulting for  more in depth articles on web development and SEO. 

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