Marketing Consultation

Marketing is not a problem you can expect to solve by throwing money at it. There is no quick fix. The only true solution to a sustainable, long-term marketing approach is a comprehensive strategy that best utilizes your resources. Our consultation is fully customized, detail-oriented, and uses transparency as well as education to help you make decisions that are right for your business. We take a bottom-line approach and focus on increasing net profit as soon as possible while systematically encouraging long term growth. We work in association with Full Spread Consulting, a firm that specializes in marketing consultation in Miami and South Florida.

Comprehensive marketing consultation analyzes the overall health of your business and the strategies you currently have in place. The first step involves an audit so we can paint a picture of the dealership from the owner’s point of view. The more information we receive, the better we can help you. Having a third party look at your business helps you objectively analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Even the most disciplined business owners are usually caught up in day to day affairs and have some difficulty with the balancing act. We will help you make executive decisions and bring a fresh perspective to your seasoned outlook.

First, we look at financials. Our audit analyzes gross sales, profit, and your gross marketing budget on an annual, quarterly, and monthly basis. This illustrates sales trends over the last few years as well as month by month. This information allows us to assess your financial strength, trajectory of your business, and marketing trends within your dealership. We examine which factors have influenced sales and isolate variables to determine internal and external factors that have affected your business. You only need to share information you are comfortable disclosing. 

During the audit process, we breakdown your marketing approach by category. We look at every outlet independently while using compelling metrics to assess which strategies are most effective. We examine third-party websites, traditional marketing strategies, radio marketing, tv marketing, call center marketing, direct mail marketing, social media, google-AdWords, SEO strategies, web development, customer retention, email marketing, and more. We assess your budget for each category, strategies in place, call to action, target demographic, and more. We then breakdown each category further to assess the average number of leads per month, average cost per lead, average number of units sold, average customer acquisition cost, conversion rate, average net profit, and more. This data can show you which areas are most effective within your current strategy and shed light on how to move forward. 

Lead generation is only effective if you have the infrastructure in place to convert leads into sales. Your business development center needs to be trained on best-practices to help receive leads and reduce friction as they are converted into a sale.  Our consultation assesses your business development center in a systematic manner to view strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. We analyze your conversion rate through every marketing avenue, look at engagement rates on social media, examine remarketing strategies, reputation management, and more. Whether we work with the owners, a secretary, or an entire business development team, we will fine tune your strengths and weaknesses to help increase sales and maximize return on investment for your marketing budget and fixed overhead for salaries/wages. Before launching or tweaking any marketing campaigns, we ensure you have the personnel in place to capitalize on the increased number of leads and improve the conversion rate of your marketing strategy as it stands.


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