F&I Consulting

The goal of F&I consultation is to maximize the profit per vehicle by increasing total F&I income. 

With the proper the tools, products, and training, F&I can be a crucial source of income for the dealer while providing peace of mind for the consumer.

Income development

This process begins with an income development study which involves 6-24 months of finance and insurance department analysis. Assessing profit, product penetration, and chargebacks can bring insight to the efficiency of the department and shed light on areas of improvement. 

The ultimate goal is to increase NET F&I income.

Formal F&I training

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Integral Dealer Developments can provide valuable insight on how to maximize income and protect the consumer. There are often missed opportunities within F&I due to lack of product availability, financing options, media assets, and more. 

We can provide the tools you need, such as menu set up and training to load every deal before the customer leaves the building.

Recruitment of F&I personnel

With years of experience come years of relationships and a nationwide network of dealers, agents, F&I directors, and more, we might have the perfect person to fill the spot you need.

DMS Integration

Our IT department can facilitate integration with most DMS platforms. 

Regardless of the size of your dealership, we will have a cost effective and efficient solution for you.

Monthly monitoring and analysis

We monitor the department and all personnel on a weekly basis which is followed up with a monthly total recap. 

Numbers don’t lie; a quick look at the books can show areas where there were missed opportunities and help set monthly goals.


We take the guesswork out reinsurance by providing formation, financials, tax filings, and more. We can do a complete analysis of your current reinsurance program or provide a brand new solution that works for you. 

We can provide ceding to your current company or provide a new arrangement. Retrospective arrangements are also an option.

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