Types of Vehicle Service Contracts and Ancillary Products

Depending on the administrator, there are typically different tiers of coverage. These range from powertrain which is the most basic to exclusionary which only lists what is not covered.


Powertrain plans are the most basic service contracts that typically cover the most important components on your vehicle such as the engine, turbo/supercharger, transmission, transfer case, and drive axel.


This tier typically covers everything under powertrain in addition to curcial components such as the air conditioning, brakes, cooling system, fuel system, electrical, suspension, and steering.

Comprehensive Plus 

This level of coverage includes all the components from comprehensive and powertrain in addition to an enhanced list of components from already covered systems.

Exclusionary Plans

Because of the extensive list of covered items, “exclusionary plans” simply list the items that aren’t covered rather than the items that are covered. It is quicker to list the items that aren’t covered by the warranty than to go through the thousands of parts and systems that are covered. We usually recommend exclusionary coverage because this is the most in depth plan a consumer can purchase.

Add on mileage 

Add on mileage usually refers to service contracts where the terms of the contract are added to the mileage on the odometer at the point of sale.

Certified Programs

Some service contract companies offer certified programs. These programs are more like an extended warranty where every car on the lot is covered.

Ancillary Products

Ancillary products can include lock out protection, scratch and dent protection, windshield protection, tire protection, maintenance plans, and more. It always helps to have a variety of ancillary products to satisfy your customer's needs. 

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