Social Media for Car Dealerships

Social media is a great tool for both customer acquisition and customer retention for car dealerships. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are both free to use and invaluable when it comes to branding, customer acquisition, and customer retention. 

Building an audience on social media can be difficult. Fortunately, car dealerships have plenty of resources available to them for creating engaging posts. First of all, most dealerships have massive inventories. Put these cars in front of potential customers by taking high quality photos and videos of your inventory. In addition to posting pictures on a daily basis, promotions, discounts, and other calls to action can help build a fan base and keep users engaged.

Branding is an important aspect of social media utilization. Always be sure to stay authentic and true to your brand. Distinguishing yourself from your competitors with clever hashtags, competitions, and promotions, can have a huge impact on word of mouth business. Social media is an extension of everyone's social circle. It is a modern day word of mouth and can be extremely effective if you work the system. 

Don't be afraid to set a bit of money aside to promote posts and subsidize your following. Building a social media presence takes time but throwing a bit of money at the problem always helps. This is especially important if you want to push particularly unique or compelling content. 

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